Indoor camera

Interior camera - modern camera with motion detector

Unauthorised intruders in your own home while you are not at home or even on holiday: this thought triggers vague fears among most people and can spoil even the most wonderful holiday trip. In times of steadily increasing burglary rates, it is therefore worthwhile to purchase a luis energy surveillance camera, which records unusual incidents within the apartment in high resolution and thus provides pin-sharp wanted photos in the event of an emergency. Parallel to the start of the recording, the indoor camera sends an automatic message to the owner's smartphone informing them that the motion detector has been activated. The app allows you to control the camera and monitor the situation within the apartment in real time. This product category includes various models such as the LTE surveillance camera, the 4G camera and a shop camera as a surveillance camera for the business sector.

Security camera with 3G and app - finally a safe feeling again!

A luis energy indoor camera gives its owner the good feeling of being able to be sure at all times how their home or shop is doing. So there are no nasty surprises when you get back. A loudspeaker and microphone integrated in the camera body allow direct communication between the recording device and the smartphone. When burglars and other sinister contemporaries are addressed directly, experience shows that they stop what they are doing and run off. If they speak to you, they leave behind further evidence in the form of their voice profile and speech style, which makes it significantly easier for the police to identify the culprit.


IP camera, 4G camera, camera with rechargeable battery - versions for every purpose

For an operating time of only a few hours at a time, we recommend an indoor camera with rechargeable battery, which also works independently of the mains supply. The small, smart HD-IN3G is not only suitable for protection against burglars, but also enables family members to communicate within the house thanks to its mobility. This makes it an ideal tool for supervising sleeping infants. Anyone who wants to integrate a complete surveillance unit into their home network with recording capability, alarm, night vision function and app as an internal camera, can rely on an IP camera such as the model HD-IN3 from luis energy. The range also has the perfect range for the business sector: The luis energy shop surveillance camera HD-IN360 with 3D view and 360° horizontal viewing angle ensures that no thief remains undiscovered and gaps in the evidence are closed by high-resolution, clearly recognisable images.

energy security camera - German industry standard and 60 month warranty

The high quality products from luis energy are developed in Germany and made to first class industry standard. If you choose a safety system from this brand, you can enjoy a full 60 month warranty and 20 year spare parts guarantee as well as friendly and competent telephone support during assembly, installation and set up.

luis energy surveillance cameras convict thieves

With a Germany-wide clearance rate of just under 17%, theft of residential property is one of the most dreaded offences, the perpetrators of which are often not known. If there is no concrete indication of the thief, the victim often is left to cover the damage themselves. In addition to the material loss, there is usually a permanent feeling of insecurity in one's own home, which persists long after the event. All of this does not have to be the case: Modern gadgets such as the luis energy surveillance cameras with motion detectors and WLAN provide the necessary evidence to be able to catch the perpetrators and, in the best case scenario, even to obtain their conviction. The necessary power is provided: "Our security cameras have a high-quality lithium battery, which in combination with the luis energy Powerload® function guarantees a very long runtime without external power supply", says Managing Director Jan Luis.

The luis energy HD-IN90 - seamless monitoring inside and outside

The battery of the luis energy HD-IN90 security camera offers a full 90 day runtime without recharging. Enough time to keep an eye on the house and garden even if you are absent for a long time. Alternatively, power supply with a mains cable is of course also possible. A lengthy installation is not necessary: Simply set up and start right away, without any expert knowledge! When the camera's motion detector is triggered, recording starts. The video is stored on a memory card to be ordered separately. In addition, the security camera can be synchronised with the smartphone via WLAN. The app, which is included in the scope of delivery, enables the user to receive notifications from the camera and to follow the events in their house live or to play back the films at a later date. The bottom line: This industrial-grade device gives youa reassuring sense of security and delivers razor-sharp images in HD resolution in the event of an emergency, making it possible to carry out a proper search.


The luis energy HD-IN surveillance camera - smart security technology for indoor use

The visually inconspicuous indoor  surveillance camera has many smart features that make it even more easy to use. This also includes the luis energy function at home, which intelligently registers when residents are in their rooms. Optionally, this interrupts motion detection and the transmission of push notifications, so that annoying false alarms cannot occur. The powerful battery provides 30 days of operation without recharging, eliminating the need for a power cord. Due to the integrated WLAN function, a network cable is also unnecessary. The HD-IN also includes an app, which is available for the Android smartphone or iPhone. In addition to the specifications already stated for the HD-IN90, this version offers a two-way audio function for communication, with which a burglar can be addressed and, if necessary, sent away. The bottom line: The luis energy HD-IN surveillance camera is a discrete and effective camera, which integrates perfectly into everyday life and can be conveniently controlled via smartphone.

60 month warranty for surveillance cameras

As an additional useful feature, the luis surveillance cameras have a night vision function, which delivers images even when the human eye can no longer see anything. So thieves do not go unnoticed even in the dark. An extraordinarily long warranty period of 60 months as well as competent and friendly telephone support in case of technical questions are further advantages which make the decision for a luis surveillance camera easy
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