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Video intercom

Who's at the door? The smart video intercom system knows!

The doorbell rings: who could it be? A glance at the screen of the video intercom system makes things immediately clear - is it a friendly visitor, a family member or someone who you would rather not invite inside? This is the big advantage of such a video doorbell: you can see who is at the door and can allow only trustworthy people to enter. However, this is not the only practical benefit, as a modern doorbell system can do much more.

Comfort and security with a modern video door intercom system

In addition to the simple bell and video function, a so-called SmartHome system makes controlling who enters your home considerably easier. If, for example, a camera, a microphone and a loudspeaker are installed, a multifunctional doorbell system is created, which includes the classic two-way intercom system in addition to the new video function. Furthermore, the control of the front door or an entrance gate can be integrated. This means that guests can be let in at the push of a button, without the user having to personally go to the door. The software is of course also designed for the greatest possible ease of operation and use. The menu on the video intercom is intuitive to use and there is a suitable doorbell melody for all tastes.

Easy installation of the video doorbell system

It is of particular importance to luis energy that the installation of the intercom system with video function is as simple and user-friendly as possible. The universal mounting bracket with surface-mounted and in-wall housing can be installed in almost any entrance area. The required installation material is of course included in the delivery contents, and telephone support is available during installation. The building type is in no way an obstacle. A suitable video intercom system is available for new buildings and can be integrated directly into the building during construction. Options for existing buildings are also available. In this case options such as the wireless version are of particular interest. The signals are transmitted from outside the house to inside via WLAN, so that complicated cabling is not necessary.

High-resolution cameras for the intercom system

The excellent quality of a video intercom system is influenced by a number of different requirements, all of which are fulfilled by luis energy with particular care. A high-resolution camera that achieves at least HD standard is particularly important. Why does this component offer a decisive advantage? First of all, the residents of the house can clearly and definitively recognize who is waiting at the door. The faces are reproduced in such detail that the wrong parcel delivery person can for example be distinguished from the right one. This technology is also very valuable if it necessary to identify a person at a later date. In this case a modern video door intercom system with camera and monitor is ideally equipped with an additional video recording function.

SmartHome systems have their own app

To make using the system even simpler, luis energy offers a specially developed app for video intercom systems. This allows users to see who is at the door via their smartphone, allowing them to conveniently let someone in from the comfort their sofa, for example. The program, available for Android and iOS, can also be used as a central management tool for home technology. In addition to the door intercom system, other cameras, alarm systems and sensors can also be controlled.

Video doorbell system for more security and comfort at home

Whether it’s during the day or in the dark hours of the evening - the doorbell rings and you or the family don't usually see who you might be letting in, because hardly any entrance area is easily and clearly visible from the inside, especially not when its dark. An ordinary video door intercom system provides a means of communication but is still open to security risks. The communication can of course also be considerably impaired by background noise outside on a case-by-case basis.

A combined video doorbell system, on the other hand, lets you immediately see who is ringing - even in the dark. A video intercom system such as one of our Luis energy video doorbell models gives you, your family, your property and your home much more security. And we have also considered modern convenience: use your smartphone from the comfort of your sofa to view pictures from your new video door intercom system with a touch of a button, or to talk to guests at the door before you open it directly using your mobile phone.

luis energy video intercom systems  - security with quality and competence since 1999

Safety, solar technology or Smart Home: we have been working every day for around 20 years to make homes throughout the country safer, more comfortable and more ecological. One focus of the company's in-house development work and production is security technology and video door intercom systems. Every single video doorbell or door intercom from luis energy carries the Created in Germany label. All systems comply with the latest technical and safety standards and undergo extensive quality control before they are delivered to our customers. You can rely on a luis energy video door intercom system, which is why you receive a 5-year guarantee with every model. We guarantee we will supply you with any spare parts that you may later need, even 20 years after purchasing and installing the intercom system.

Video intercom systems for new builds or retrofitting

When more security is desired at home it should be possible to increase it in all buildings and at no great cost. That's why we at luis energy have focused our product range from the outset on security solutions for new and old buildings alike. In our product range you will find a doorbell with video which you can easily connect into an older installation with 4-wire technology, as well as models that are completely wirelessly connected via WLAN or can be integrated into the home network with a LAN cable for longer distances.

Your video intercom system from luis energy in more detail.

With a luis energy video doorbell system you have a perfect, round the clock view of everything that is happening in your entrance area. Thanks to the night vision function, you can now see up to 20 metres into the darkness. Lenses with a high degree of viewpoints not only capture what is happening just outside the door, but also provide images of the areas to the left and right so that you don't miss a thing.

High-resolution images on a monitor or smartphone

Whether you choose an option with a fixed wall monitor or with access from anywhere via your smartphone, every luis energy video intercom system provides you with clear, detailed images of the entrance area and entire property, in part in sharp HD resolution. That means that the cameras don’t just respond when guests ring the doorbell. A recording starts before all detected movements and then a live stream begins with image and sound. On a fixed monitor or via a smartphone, you can talk to all visitors in the same way as on a conventional video door intercom system and then immediately activate the door opening. And what if your smartphone is not nearby? Even then you won't miss a visitor, because a separate and wireless doorbell rings just like a conventional bell and is clearly audible with up to 25 different ring tones.

Further smart and practical highlights of the luis energy video door intercom system

The HD-K3 and HD-K4 video doorbell models connect quickly to your WLAN and deliver picture and sound directly to your smartphone from up to 100 meters away. The app for Android and iOS is available with every system at no additional cost. If you install additional protection technology from luis energy, the app even grows into a complete security centre in your Smart Home. And so that you don't always have to open the door personally to regular visitors you trust, we invented the smartkey. The smartkey opens the door fully automatically when it is held on the external surface of the intercom system, and five copies are included in the delivery of the HD-K4 video intercom system.

This and all other luis energy video door intercom systems always come with all the parts required for installation as well as a comprehensive operating manual. In addition, our telephone support is always at your disposal for advice and assistance.

Trust in luis energy technology for your safety, and make your everyday life at home even more comfortable.
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