Solar path and street lighting

Street lighting: Future roads light up with the sun

The 21st century is the century of the energy revolution. Lack of energy awareness threatens the next generations. It is therefore time for sustainability. Renewable energies such as wind and solar energy are to replace nuclear energy in Germany by 2050. Politicians are just as much in demand as the economy and private citizens when it comes to the energy revolution. The industry has been developing alternative energy solutions with this claim to sustainability for several decades. In order for the energy revolution to be a success, private households must switch to alternative lighting solutions such as solar lights. Renewable energies should also be used for lighting purposes on a larger scale, including in the form of solar street lighting. Solar path lighting instead of energy-hungry street lamps promises the necessary energy awareness for a bright future with every beam.

So much is in solar street lighting

The difference between a normal light and a solar light is in the inner values. Instead of a power supply unit, each solar light carries a solar module with a rechargeable battery at its heart. The battery component is supplied by solar cells that generate light energy during the day. This applies regardless of whether the sun is visible or not. Overcast skies alone do not disrupt the flow of energy. In the evening, solar lamps detect twilight by means of twilight sensors, which automatically activate the solar light when darkness falls. From charging mode, the sensors allow the light to switch to light mode without external intervention. Solar street lights work according to this principle iust as solar street lightsdo for private use. For solar street lighting in public spaces, the quality of individual components is even more important than for private solar lights. The quality level of the individual elements determines the luminosity and the light duration, which must be as reliable and constant as possible in the public sector.

Solar street lighting: a cost-effective all-round solution

Street lighting in the form of solar path lighting doesn’t just save energy. Solar light can also save you cash. Solar street lights do not use external electricity from socket outlets. Therefore, solar lamps do not generate any electricity costs, even on a larger scale. As well as financial disadvantages, other disadvantages are just as rare. As well as the acquisition costs, the replacement of batteries and light sources is also rare and not terribly costly. Especially with high quality solar street lights with a long runtime, regular battery and bulb replacement is worth it.

Inner and outer values must be right

Qualitative solar-based lights have a corrosion-resistant and sealed frame, which protects the sensitive inner components from damage. Durable materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass, forged bronze and robust plastics make the investment worthwhile. In addition to the frame, the design of the internal circuitry determines the runtime of the car park lighting. Pre-resistors and the most constant battery charging operation possible speak for a long-lasting light. The more complex the circuitry, the longer the life of the light. The solar cells used are just as crucial. These components differ not only in their design, but also in the type of cell. Mono-crystalline cells have a higher efficiency and draw enough energy even when the sky is cloudy. For this reason, they generate more electricity than polycrystalline cells in a given period of time and shine longer.

Bright thinking in battery selection

Solar lights contain either a nickel-cadmium battery (NiCd battery) or a more modern lithium battery (LiFePo4 battery), which, in addition to greater environmental friendliness, promises more robustness. Lithium batteries require shorter charging spans and therefore have a longer service life. Approximately 5000 - 10000 charging cycles can be achieved with modern solar batteries. The battery requirements depend on the purpose of the light. Stronger batteries with values of up to 40,000 milliampere hours are recommended for entrance lighting and street lamps, while solar path lights in private homes are worthwhile from a battery power of 1000 milliampere hours. The type of solar module also depends on the battery. Fast charging batteries require a high-quality solar module that does not only consist of a single solar cell. In addition to the battery and the type of solar cell, the light source determines the luminosity and duration of light. Incandescent bulbs require considerably more energy than LED lights. This is why LEDs are the preferred choice for street lights. The low energy consumption means that LED-operated solar lights have a life expectancy of around 100,000 lighting hours.

Solar streetlights provide bright prospects for the future

Solar street lights are modern, environmentally friendly and resource-saving alternatives to mains-powered street lamps. Path lighting based on solar energy has long since become a fully-fledged replacement for incandescent and discharge lamps. Although LED solar lights have not been able to achieve the same brightness values as mains-powered lights for a long time with a maximum power consumption of five watts, solar lighting technology is constantly improving in the energy age. In the meantime, there is now capable solar lighting for all areas of application. In our range of products you will find solar solutions that are ideally adapted to their respective applications. Whether garden lights, path lighting or streetlamps: let us advise you. Together with you, we ensure a bright future.

Everything but ordinary: Intelligent Solar LED street lighting from luis energy

The street lights from luis energy are not only distinguished by their high quality and luminosity. They are also very inexpensive to maintain and easy to install 
Almost 20 years of experience have been invested in the products of the owner-managed company luis energy. It is not without reason that their solar LED street lights are distinguished by their top quality and efficiency.  All street lighting systems comply with protection class IP 65 and are equipped with a waterproof heavy duty frame.
The intelligent lighting system can be optimally adjusted to the customer's needs with the aid of five programs.
The luis energy Smartcontrol® management system switches the lighting on completely automatically at twilight and adjusts itself in three stages to 20% light output in the dark. In the morning, the street lighting is deactivated again - also completely independently.
Apart from the 100W street light, all the smaller models also have motion detection, which automatically adjusts the light when required.
The luis energy Daylight® used stands for maximum luminosity and provides for an extremely bright streetlight - but without dazzle.

Even the installation of luis energy solar street lighting is simpler than ever: The lights can either be installed on top of the existing old lanterns or simply on top of a new lamppost. "The corresponding solar panel can be aligned in a few easy steps - the installation of the lighting is also possible without specialist knowledge ", reports Managing Director Jan Luis. Once installed, the lights are completely maintenance-free.
The function of the solar field is also not restricted in winter.  The lotus coating on top and the integrated heating system heats the plate slightly so that snow and ice do not remain permanently. "Our solar cells and power management make it possible to use our street lights in the northern regions as well,” says Luis. If the panels are optimally aligned, the solar lamps shine 365 days a year.
The panel stores the solar energy in an integrated battery during the daytime and then uses it as a reliable light source in the dark. The extremely low energy consumption protects the battery and can thus store the energy for much longer. But it is not only maintenance costs that are saved with the intelligent lighting system from luis energy.
Thanks to the solar panel in conjunction with the integrated high-performance lithium battery, there are no more electricity costs. The street lights can also be installed on country lanes, in clearings or undeveloped paths and squares - there is no need to connect them to the electricity grid.

luis energy street lighting: High quality industry quality "Created in Germany".

luis energy develops, constructs and produces its own products. As the solar LED lights are also marketed directly, this has a positive effect on their price. The lights are all approved as European street lighting without exception. The company is so convinced of its high industrial quality, "Created in Germany", that it grants its customers a product warranty of 60 months and a 20 year spare parts guarantee.
Nevertheless, a municipality wants to personally convince itself first of all of the quality of the luis energy solar street lights, this is not a problem: "In the park and on the access roads at the headquarters" Schloss Goldenitz ", we cordially invite interested parties to get closer to our lighting systems", says Jan Luis, Managing Director of LUIS GmbH. Here, interested customers can get an impression of the solar street lighting and ask for advice. Should the four light strengths offered so far not be sufficient, the company is also happy to produce lights directly according to customer requirements for larger quantities.

We are proud to provide you with the luis experts on 0049 40 22 866 466.
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