Solar camera

Safety thanks to solar power with a luis energy solar camera

What happens in your own garden when no one is at home?  Is everything all right at home while the family relaxes on holiday? A luis energy solar camera provides the answers to these questions - without annoying cables and high electricity costs. The robust device can be installed anywhere outdoors and supplies itself with the necessary energy via solar cells. There are different models to choose from, depending on your needs.

Wirelessly connected via WiFi or as an IP camera

A cabled security camera has several weak points. If the mains connection is interrupted for a longer period of time, even devices with a spare battery will not work at some point. In addition, there is no power outlet in the vicinity at remote locations or on construction sites, and cabling involves a great deal of effort. Last but not least, the power consumption of a large system results in high costs. All these problems do not exist with a solar camera from luis energy. The device is equipped with solar cells which provide the necessary operating voltage. An external power supply is therefore not necessary. Thanks to the integrated radio technology, data transmission is wireless. It is possible to use either a WLAN camera or a model with chip for mobile internet. The former allows data access at any time with a WiFi-capable device, such as a tablet or smartphone. In addition, the WLAN camera can be controlled with the help of a free app. It is also possible to transfer the data via LTE or 3G/4G. This is particularly useful for monitoring remote areas such as construction sites without their own radio network. If both types of data transmission are required, a model with two integrated transmitters is the right solution. These are also offered by luis energy.

Everything in view even at night

Of course, the solar security system does not only work when the sun is shining. As soon as the cells produce more electricity than the device consumes, an internal battery is charged. This supplies the solar camera with electricity whenever there is not enough sunlight. The IP camera also has an IR spotlight, so that readable images are created in the dark. Particularly practical: This light is not recognised by humans and most animals, so they do not notice the device.

Numerous application areas for the solar security system

A solar camera from luis energy is not limited to use at home alone. The robust frame with a high IP protection class is also designed for use in the garden, in front of the courtyard entrance or on a construction site. If required, several cameras can be combined to allow unobstructed viewing of any angle. The solar surveillance camera is also interesting for nature lovers who want to observe shy animals. This high degree of flexibility is achieved with independence from the power grid. Even if there is no wireless connection, the IP camera still works: An integrated chip stores video recordings and images that can be retrieved with a suitable device afterwards. With a working temperature range of minus 30 to plus 70 degrees Celsius, there are hardly any limits in this respect.

A solar surveillance camera with lots of extras

A solar-powered camera from luis energy not only meets high demands for flexibility and mobility. The technical equipment is also very high quality. A zoom function, various turning and tilting options as well as a time lapse mode allow you to take various pictures as desired. The control is carried out via an intelligent menu, which can be operated, for example, via a free app.

The new solar camerasystem gives you a camera without cable clutter

A horror scenario that everyone knows well from movies: Surveillance systems are easily outwitted by cutting off their power supply. A new system has been developed for the luis energy solar cameras, which can operate completely independently of the power supply. A brief overview shows how this works and which technical innovations the wireless monitoring system brings with it.

Pioneering technology in the solar camera

Modern solar camera technology reaches a new level with the intelligent use of solar energy. The monitoring system does not require a power supply. The luis energy outdoor camera uses a built-in solar cell to supply itself permanently with electricity, which is stored in a powerful lithium battery. Thanks to the new Powerload technology, short periods of sunlight are sufficient to fully charge the battery. Even at night and after long rainy periods, the surveillance camera with its innovative charging system is always ready for operation. The solar camera works 365 days a year without external power and cables.

Wireless connection to all solar cameras

A WiFi connection allows the camera images to be sent to any device with a display function. Users of the luis energy security system can access the surveillance camera at any time with their smartphone or tablet and check recordings or change settings. At night, a clever infrared function provides the necessary vision. If the internet connection is not possible, the integrated memory ensures that all recorded data is backed up. The innovative combination of modern technology and reliable software makes the outdoor camera an absolute novelty on the market.

Unprecedented security without cable clutter

The robust outdoor camera works anywhere with access to sunlight and can be installed on any surface in a theft-proof and discrete manner. Many additional functions, such as the connection with the entrance door locking system, can be easily implemented thanks to the advanced software. Fixed security cameras are often only a secret for a short time and can be turned off after detection. The combination of solar and WiFi technology means that the luis energy is inconspicuous and remotely controllable. The WiFi connection is password-protected and difficult to decrypt, making it impossible to tap data that has been transferred.

State-of-the-art technology not only for surveillance cameras

The many new features of luis energy make the solar camera interesting for private and commercial use. For example, a surveillance camera without cables revolutionises nature filming. Permanent and self-sustaining installations in any locations are possible with the new technology without any problems. Spectacular shots for amateur biologists and professional filmmakers are made possible by wireless technology. Even in remote locations without access to the power supply, the camera takes pictures of the highest quality and transmits them to any device. If there is no internet connection, the camera can store up to 16GB of film material in the integrated memory.

Self-sustaining and durable security cameras

After installation, the safety camera works without any manual readjustment. Any customisation can be done via smartphone or tablet. The use of modern solar panels and high quality storage media makes luis energy a pioneer in the field of current security technology in the private and business sector. Whether for the garden, as a technical gadget or for securing free sales areas - the innovative technology from luis energy is nature-friendly and efficient.
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