Car park lighting

Car park lighting - robust and weatherproof and thanks to LED light particularly durable and economical

Uniformly bright and glare-free car park lighting significantly increases the safety of users in public and private car parks. Particularly during dark times and at twilight in the morning and evening, a car park lighting system that provides sufficient brightness in addition to street lighting conveys a feeling of safety. Correct lighting in the car park prevents accidents due to poor visibility during parking and setting off and reliably deters sinister characters from assaults, car theft and burglary. The technically sophisticated street lighting from luis energy is ideally suited for modern car park lighting and is extremely durable and energy efficient thanks to our high quality LED lamps. The car park lights are suitable for both public and private facilities and are available in various strengths for larger or smaller car parks. Thanks to the timeless, classic yet modern design, a car park light from luis energy blends harmoniously into its surroundings in any location. This versatile lighting system is therefore suitable for both public and private car parks. Our versatile car park lighting is just as effective as in front of public buildings such as hospitals and administration buildings as it is in company and customer car parks or tenant car parks in residential complexes. Our LED lights are available with various units of power (Watt) and light strengths (lumes). Therefore, our car park lighting can be configured as if it were custom made according to the needs of the respective car park. 

Ensure more safety with bright and glare-free  car park lighting

Many drivers and their passengers find themselves feeling uneasy in insufficiently lit car parks at twilight or in the dark. Who hasn't heard of ambushes as people get in and out of their cars or cars being broken into under the cover of darkness? But even without sinister figures in the car park, poor lighting can lead to unpleasant or even dangerous situations: When driving in the dark, obstacles or other people and animals in the car park can come out of nowhere and be hit. In order to make a car park safe even in poor visibility and in the dark, a technically sophisticated car park lighting system, which distributes light perfectly, is the ultimate. And continuously lit car park lights mustn’t become a waste of energy. Our Luis energy Daylight® not only offers the best glare-free luminosity, but also an extremely energy-saving and sustainable solution with the latest generation of LED lights. In addition, every car park light from luis energy is extremely robust and weather-resistant. The car park remains reliably evenly lit, even in ice and snow, continuous rain or thunderstorms, and users can drive to the car park reassured and without hesitation. This feeling of security from our uniform, glare-free and very bright car park light after nightfall and during musky dawn isn’t just appreciated by senior citizens, but also women parking alone and mothers with toddlers. 

Technically sophisticated car park lighting for public and private parking spaces

Car parks are often considered to be neuralgic points in the security concept of a certain zone in a place, generally in public spaces or on large customer and company car parks. Therefore, public administration as well as private owners and operators should consider appropriate car park lighting offering a high level of security. Public car parks are part of resting traffic and are the responsibility of public transport planning; road traffic regulations also determine the lighting of the car park. This applies to public car parks in city centres as well as on motorways and also in hikers’ car parks. For customer car parks, for example, in retail stores, in front of public authorities or hospitals, separate regulations and rules apply. Company parking spaces for employees and visitors, customer parking spaces as well as parking spaces for private houses must also be adequately illuminated, the responsibility for which lies with the respective owner. If tenants and their guests, customers or employees are injured in unlit or poorly lit car parks, the owner of the car park may be held liable. In order to avoid such problems with unpleasant legal and financial consequences in advance, as a responsible public or private owner, you should always ensure that car park lighting is in accordance with regulations. With our tried and tested street lighting as a technically sophisticated car park lighting system, you are on the safe side and can even save money in the long term: With a runtime of over 100,000 operating hours on average, our car park lighting with its extremely long-lasting, very bright and very robust LED light is an effective bundle of energy in every respect. Of course, our technically innovative car park lighting is guaranteed to be created in Germany, just like all our high-quality products.

Robust materials and neutral design combined with perfect lighting

In addition to sophisticated technology, our car park lighting scores points with high quality materials and a modern and inconspicuous design. The discrete and neutral-looking frame is made of thermoplastic plastic, cast aluminium and transparent safety glass. The parts are assembled in a very robust construction, which ensures the functionality of the lighting even in case of storms of any kind such as continuous rain, hail and snow. The car park lighting with heavy duty frame, protection class IP 66 and very bright and evenly lit luis energy Daylight® is absolutely reliable in every respect, even under the most adverse conditions. Each lamp can be easily mounted on an existing pole in horizontal or vertical orientation. Of course, the material for mounting on the pole is included in the scope of delivery. Existing lamps, which no longer meet the requirements for safety and luminosity, can be replaced in just a few steps with the new, safe and uniformly brightly illuminated car park lighting
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