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From safety cameras to street lighting - high-quality technology direct from the manufacturer

Safety, comfort and energy efficiency are fundamental aspects of luis energy's products. Equally, a large amount of development work is invested in the products, which will later be of benefit to customers. One example is the decreasing electricity costs, thanks to the development of solar cells or smart building services that make everyday life easier and safer. The declared aim of luis energy is to enable as many customers as possible to use these innovative products. That's why all devices, from the interior camera to the video intercom system, can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s online shop. This eliminates the need for expensive surcharges, which only serve to attract intermediaries and not technical innovation.

Security solutions around your home or business with a surveillance camera

Security technology is not only used to protect a building from burglars; even if your own house is not the target of an attack, the surveillance camera gives you a reassuring feeling. luis energy is increasingly focussing on smart solutions that can be integrated into the existing home technology - such as a video intercom system. This replaces the usual two-way intercom system and expands the range of functions to include an outdoor camera and a screen. Residents can see immediately who is at the door or who is waiting at the entrance gate. If it is a good friend, a family member or a familiar face, the door can be opened without a feeling of unease. You can of course also open the door via the video intercom at the push of a button. However, luis energy is not yet optimised for ease of use. For this reason, an app was developed for iOS and Android, so that the home technology can be operated via  smartphone or tablet. With additional sensors, it is even possible to monitor the temperature inside the house. All systems can be used for private homes as well as commercial buildings. The cameras and door openers can also be integrated into existing buildings or installed directly into new buildings.

Keep an eye on your home during your holidays with a surveillance camera.

In addition to the home system, luis energy also offers a product variant in which the surveillance camera or security camera is connected to the internet. To access this function the user either integrates the device into the domestic WLAN network or chooses a model equipped with a chip for use with mobile internet. The latter is available as a 3G/4G or LTE version. This enables home-owners to view the images from the surveillance camera at any time and anywhere. This means that anyone who finds themselves wondering whether everything is all right at home whilst on holiday or a business trip can simply take a look at the app and see for themselves. To avoid blind spots, luis energy offers special PTZ IP cameras. They are equipped with rotating and swivelling lens systems and can be controlled, for example, by a smartphone. If you want an even more comprehensive surveillance of your own four walls, it is best to use a compilation of several devices, including at least one outdoor camera and one indoor camera.

Mobile, flexible and economical: a solar camera from luis energy

The solar cameras are one of luis energy’s most innovative products. They combine several advantages: fast installation, flexible use and wireless operation. What does this mean in detail? Unlike conventional models, a solar camera does not need to be wired to a power source. Thanks to the semiconductor cells and the WLAN transmitter, no power or data cables are required. Instead, the energy is generated from sunlight. In order to get through rainy days and dark nights, a rechargeable battery is built in, which is charged when the sun shines. This means that the system is self-sufficient and can be used in remote places in the garden or even in the great outdoors. The latter is particularly popular with animal lovers who want to take high-resolution pictures of shy forest dwellers. However, to make use of this function, the devices must be installed in deserted areas that are not always covered by the mobile network; a memory chip is integrated so that pictures and videos can be saved regardless.

More security thanks to high-quality street lighting

In addition to camera safety technology, the developers of luis energy have turned their attention to another area that has been enhanced by a number of useful ideas: street lighting and solar street lighting for public and private spaces. The developments and innovations in this area fit very well into the existing product range, as they follow the guiding principle: use new technology to promote safety and sustainability. For example, luis energy exclusively uses economical LED technology for the street lights and street lamps. Despite their low consumption values, the long-life modules are bright and the colour of the light is perfectly adjusted to outdoor use. The latter also applies to the housings used with high IP protection classes, which keep water and dirt out. The second meaningful innovation in the field of street lighting is regarding the mounting of lights. Lamps from luis energy are attached to existing poles and are therefore not fixed at a certain height. The user can easily adapt these to the conditions on site.

Customer-friendly service

No matter whether customers choose a solar camera, an indoor camera, a solar generator or an intercom system with video function, they always receive a five-year guarantee on the technology. This proves that luis energy has faith in its own products, which certainly cannot be said for all their competitors. 20 years of experience and presence in the market are proof that this trust is not unjustified. If you have any questions, please contact our personal advisors by phone or e-mail.
Surveillance camera, solar camera, street lighting and video intercom systems directly from the manufacturer Video Door Intercom, solar lantern, solar street lighting, the solar carrying case with the luis energy Solar Generator 2.0 or the innovative products such as the Solar IP camera, surveillance camera or the new security camera - in our online shop you are on the sunny side of solar-powered product solutions. Their common denominator: high energy efficiency.
By choosing the solar quality products developed and manufactured by luis energy and partners, you benefit from many years of experience and an innovative product strategy. In addition, you purchase your goods directly from the manufacturer - including a 5-year warranty.

The luis energy solar technology uses solar radiation, the largest and most reliable source of energy available to us; a cost free and environmentally friendly alternative. The required storage capacity is provided by luis energy batteries, which supply all solar products with clean energy. High performance lithium batteries are made for long-term use.

Full luminosity: Solar-powered LED

The smooth interaction between the solar panel, battery and low-energy LED lamps creates impressive lighting conditions for solar street lighting. A luis energy solar street lamp generates a clear view of things without incurring electricity costs. What's more, our solar lamps are waterproof and weatherproof, and still shine brightly even in places where energy-saving lamps would leave you in the dark.

luis energy solar product solutions - the energy savers

When choosing solar products from our shop, you can rely on high energy-saving effects with optimized performance across the board, thanks to intelligent battery management. The solar carrying case is a prime example of flexibility and independence from the mains supply. Robustly designed for use in any place, it turns you into your own autonomous power supplier. This modularly designed luis energy Solar Generator 2.0 is the ideal solution for all those who are looking for independence from power connections without sacrificing comfort. The small solar system offers you light in emergencies and a standard power outlet, and can also save costs.

The luis energy solar camera provides all this this without restriction. Here too, the combination of solar panel and battery provides sufficient power at all times so that the luis energy solar camera can record what appears on its lens.

Efficient and environmentally friendly, for good reason: make use of solar energy now, with the quality solar products from our online shop - featuring the luis energy  solar camera and the solar generator.

Imagine you are somewhere far off the beaten track and a light goes out - it’s a good job you have a portable solar kit. With this mobile power generation system, you have unimaginable freedom and scope for a wide range of possible uses.

The equipment includes a standard 230 V socket, a USB connection and several 12 volt connections. Whether you’re travelling, on a construction site, in the garden, on a boat or in a remote holiday home; whether you’re using camping equipment, a cooler, an electric grill, technical devices like a smartphone, laptop or tablet or an emergency power supply: you can use a flexible energy source which gives you clean energy - and flexibility at its finest.

Further advantages appear in the details. The luis energy Solar Generator 2.0 easily meets the requirements of protection class IP 65 and, thanks to its heavy-duty housing, proves to be extremely robust and completely waterproof. You will also get plenty of enjoyment out of your power supply - the energy-saving, micro-controlled Green Power Controller from luis energy fulfils the requirements for significantly longer operating times. The large, long-lasting luis energy battery is full of energy and always provides enough power.

luis energy has a clever solution to ensure your safety - integrated emergency lighting. The highlight: you can send SOS signals for at least 10 days. This is a very reassuring feature, especially for outdoor and survival enthusiasts.

The luis energy Solar Generator 2.0 is available as a modular solar carrying case in 2 variants. It can run perfectly on sunlight alone and renders any standard petrol generator superfluous. Its advanced, high-performance technology provides you with the best service whenever you don’t want to use electricity, or have no power source.

If you have any questions or want to place an order, please contact your personal advisor on 040 22 866 466.